Thursday, 21 June 2012

ASOS & Dorothy Perkins Wishlist

As I need to go holiday shopping, I thought I would have a browse of what's around on the internet first :) Here are the 5 items I found that really tickled my fancy - though if I bought all of these I think my purse would die :(

Just a little note that I know I'm not the most fashionable person, I have my own style, so don't diss if you don't like what I like, respect individuality :)

TFNC Chiffon Dress in Mint - ASOS - £35

How perfect would this be on a summer evening? It's so colourful and bright but looks all floaty and comfy too :)

Buy here!

ASOS Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch - ASOS - £18

I've been needing a black clutch for a while and I wanted one that would go with any outfit I wanted to wear out and it looks like this one would do just that!

Buy it here!

Mint Butterfly Print Maxi Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £45

When I first saw this dress on the Dorothy Perkins website I knew I wanted it and I still do, but why does it have to be so expensive? :(

Buy it here or in store!

Blue High Waisted Shorts - Dorothy Perkins - £23

I think high waisted jeans are perfect for summer as they can be dressed up or down! Blue is a nice and easy colour to match outfits too as well so I think these would be a decent investment.

Buy here or in store!

Metallic Metal Trim Sandals - Dorothy Perkins - £19

My sandals from last summer have had it, so I thought these would be a nice replacement as they would go with anything and can be worn night or day :)

Buy them here or in store!


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