Saturday, 4 August 2012

10 Day You Challenge - 6 Places

6 Places:

  1. Florida - my favourite holiday of my childhood. Would love to go back :)
  2. My bedroom - where I live most of the time! I love my alone time and relaxation time and my room is the perfect place!
  3. Anywhere hot! - bit of a cheat I know but anywhere with sun makes me happy so :) 
  4. Theme parks - I'm an adrenaline junkie so any theme park nearby I'll be there!
  5. Boyfriends house - just always nice to go round there, it's so different to my house so it's a nice change :) and they have chickens which are always amusing!
  6. Lakeside shopping centre - for obvious reasons I think! Love to shop there, it's immense :)

Thanks for reading! I'm on holiday atm but there's wifi internet here so will be posting from my iPhone so sorry if any pictures over the next week or so are poorer quality! 

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