Sunday, 5 August 2012

10 Day You Challenge - 5 Foods

5 Foods:
  1. Cheese - I'm pretty sure I was a mouse in my previous life as any kinda of cheese I'm happy to nibble on or mix into any of my meals. I would literally have cheese on anything haha!
  2. Pasta - just so simple and easy to make meals with and mix with a variety of ingredients!
  3. Chocolate - I'm a girl so of course this has to be here! Any galaxy chocolate is my fave or peanut butter kit kat chunkys are amazing too :)
  4. Veggie burgers - either with fake meat or fresh veggies, veggie burgers are lush! Especially with some sweet chilli sauce!
  5. Veggie spring rolls and satay sauce - perfect combo! Love love love :)
Thanks for reading!

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