Tuesday, 31 July 2012

10 Day You Challenge - 10 Secrets

Have seen this tag floating around a few blogs lately and thought I'd give it a go, as I thought it was a nice idea :)

10 Secrets

  1. I'm ashamed that my main hobby at the moment is blogging, especially as I haven't told family and friends that I do it :( Don't take this the wrong way - I love blogging, but I'm scared people in my life will judge me and laugh at me and not take it as seriously as I, and my followers, do. 
  2. I'm very shy and self conscious in real life, I wish I was more confident :(
  3. I'm slowly running out of friends, they all seem to just disappear :( and this makes me feel very vulnerable and lonely.
  4. I've only ever had one serious relationship, with my current boyfriend of two years, and I honestly have no idea what I'd do if I lost him :( he's my best friend as well as my boyfriend and as much as he annoys me sometimes, he makes me the happiest I've ever felt.
  5. My parents divorced when I was 8 and since then I've had major trust issues with the male figures in my life, as well as boyfriends (it took me over a year to fully trust Callum, my current boyfriend) and I honestly think I'll always be insecure with trust. HOWEVER, once I trust someone, I probably trust them too much and become too dependent :/ I can't win!
  6. As bad as it sounds, one of the main reasons I turned vegetarian was to prove to people who said I couldn't do it, that I could. I'm THAT stubborn... and I don't like most meats.
  7. I hate most of my body (hence why I don't post OOTDs) - especially my tummy and my thighs. The only part I really like are my boobs haha.
  8. I honestly think I could be bipolar; my mood swings are ridiculous.
  9. I'm probably OCD for checking my emails, facebook and twitter - seriously I do it ALL the time. 
  10. I hate feeling like I haven't achieved anything in a day, like if I just have a lazy day I feel crap for most of it as I'm not actually achieving anything :/
Thanks for reading! Feel free to steal this tag :)


  1. Aww you have finally joined in too :-) I am having fun doing this challenge

    You answers are sweet, i too hate my body and my tummy lol.

    Bipolar it might not be but with some of the things you say you feel with trust issues you could have attachment disorder which stems from your father leaving, its what i have and i questioned bi polar lol

    a pleasure following your blog hun

  2. I hate doing nothing in a day too - although i have lazy days quite often! haha

    My mood is effected by the weather quite a lot at times - which sucks living in England :)! ffs..


  3. My boyfriend and family don't get the whole blogging thing either, but I do it because I enjoy it, so I not bothered if they're not interested, as long as my readers are, then that's all that matters!

    Following you now via GFC!

    Check out my blog when you have time and follow back if you like.


  4. You're so brave for writing this, my heart really goes out to you about your parents divorcing. I've been through the same thing so I know exactly how it feels. I love your blog I'm a new follower :-)



  5. Hey, i've just stumbled upon your blog today, which by the way is fantastic!:)
    I know this was posted a while ago but I have to say it really touched my heart. I can really relate to being most things that you said, including the vegetarianism, being really body conscious, and the feeling of feeling like a bit of a loser. I also have a boyfriend who is my best friend. If I lost him...well, I wouldn't be able to cope at all. :/

    You're a total inspiration for your honesty and i'll be following your lovely blog. :) xox


    1. Thankyou so much for your comment! It's nice to know other people can relate to what I write and I'm not just babbling in my own little world haha :)

      Off to check out your blog now! xx


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