Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Top 3: Perfumes

Hi :) Thought I'd share my favourite perfumes with you today!

Day to day: Be Delicious by DKNY

I love this :) I've been using it as a daily perfume since Christmas when it was given to me and I love how subtle yet fruity the fragrance is. I feel it just leaves me smelling fresh and clean without leaving a very heavy scent behind. The bottle is okay, I've seen prettier, but I like the shape of it. The silver part tends to get a bit grubby with fingerprints etc, but the green part always looks pristine. The other downside to this is that I find the fragrance fades pretty quickly, as it's so light, which is a shame.

Occasions / Evening: Valentina by Valentino

I wear this out in the evenings or to a special day time event as it's heavier than the Be Delicious but not as heavy as my night time perfume. The staying power of this perfume is immense, I can smell it all night. It becomes more subtle throughout the night, but I don't feel like I need to re apply it which is nice. The fragrance itself is very feminine, and fairly young (would suit late teens to late 20's).

Night time / Clubbing: Pure Poison by Christian Dior

I love this perfume, I've used it for years as a night time party or clubbing fragrance. It is heavy, which some people may not like, but for the right occasion I love it. I would NEVER wear this in the day but at night, it's amazing. Like Valentina, I can still smell this perfume hours after I've applied it - if more subtly but still very noticeable. The bottle is gorgeous, the camera doesn't do it justice as all. I love that at a glance it's white but then you look closer and there's hints of pinks and purples and blues it's so lovely. 

Thanks for reading - be sure to let me know what your favourite perfumes are!


  1. my fave is miss dior cherie

  2. nice perfume, my fav is Dior jádore <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Ohh I love the DKNY one, it is on my wishlist! Thought my Mum has it so perhaps I shouldn't haha :)



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