Monday, 21 May 2012

Dieting Rant

Just a quick post sorry!! I will post properly soon :)

So, I plan on losing weight before I go on holiday in around 6 weeks time. I'm going on the Slim Fast diet, as I lost a stone on that last year (Google it if you're not aware what it involves; I don't know if it's available in the USA) but I am also trying Zotrim herbal diet pills and more exercise after my exams are over.

If you're interested on how I get on and how I plan to do it please let me know by commenting! I'm a UK size 12 to 14 at the moment and I'm 5 foot 7. How much should I realistically aim to lose?

Please leave some comments!!

For reference, if anyone suggest's the Atkins diet, I'm aware it does help people lose lots of weight but I'm a vegetarian and would find that kind of diet very hard.

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